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Scribendi is a company that offers professional editing and proofreading services to business people, students, ESL speakers, and other individuals. They offer services in proofreading a short story, book, screenplay, and other publications. It can also cater in editing or proofreading academic papers such as term papers, essays, and dissertation papers. It also offers editing and proofreading memos, reports, and marketing materials. 
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WoodWing provides multi-channel publishing software solutions across different media such as print, web, mobile and tablet with one integrated application. Besides cross-media content publishing it also offers digital publishing and digital asset management solutions to organizations. Their leading products include Enterprise, a software for multi-channel publishing, Elvis DAM for digital asset management, and their award winning Smart Styles plugin. Information about all their products and serv...
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eMagCreator provides an easy-to-use tool to create an online magazine or Web catalog or brochure with rich media and flip page navigation by simply umpiring files, video, Flash, images and links. eMagCreator also automatically provides you with a HTML 5 publication which is ready to be experted to a pageflip app applicable for mobile devices. Here are the features of eMagCreator: Could be installed in PC or Mac Flexible free hosting Free software training Easy video and link insertions M...
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WhiteCanyon Wipe Drive is a world leader in permanent data wiping and identity theft prevention software. The company excels in the development, sales and support of hard disk utilities that leverage deletion and security related technologies. WhiteCanyon's customer base spans individuals, small to medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies and government institutions. A complete list of their service and information can be found in their official website.
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Shoutcast currently offers 49,654 free internet radio stations. The most common use of Shoutcast is for creating or listening to internet audio broadcasts; however, video streams exist as well. Some traditional radio stations use Shoutcast to extend their presence onto the internet.  Some popular station options are listed below. Alternative Radio Beatles Radio Blues Radio Bollywood Radio Classical Radio Country Radio Dance Radio Dancehall Radio Decades Radio Easy L...
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Prosoft Engineering, Inc. is a software company which focused on data recovery software and other utilities which help you to protect and manage your important data. Three things for which is famous are Superior Technical Support, Lower Cost of Ownership and Great Service from the customer service staff. So when you make a purchase, you are not just buying a product, instead you are buying the service and support behind that product. Prosoft started out as an engineering serv...
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ContentWatch is a company that provides internet protection solutions for home, corporate, education, and government customers. The company offers solutions to protect against unwanted Internet content and to control online activity and usage. They also have mobile protection suites for iOS which includes support for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Kindle Fire, as well as a host of Android smartphones and tablets. The company product lineup consists of the following solutions: Net Nanny &md...
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Technology has brought mankind towards easy access and connectivity. If you are looking for an established company which makes your personal and business remote access, remote support and remote administration much easier, LogMeIn Remote Access and Management is on top of the line. LogMeIn Remote Access and Management or simply LogMeIn has various products and services to offer to maximize mobility, connectivity and business productivity which may suit each client’s technological preferen...
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GoToMyPC is a product of Citrix Systems, a company that offers different types of cloud products and services. The GoToMyPC application enables users to access their PC or Mac computers remotely from another computer or a mobile device. The application just needs to be installed in the computer that needs to be accessed remotely as well as in the computer or mobile device that the user will use for remote access to the first computer.
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White Canyon WipeDrive Professional does exactly what it says. It wipes computer hard drives professionally. So professionally in fact, that it is approved by the United States Department of Defence and is used by NASA, IBM and over 120 financial institutions for the secure removal of data. Why do I need to erase my hard drive? Your hard drive stores masses of information that can be dangerous in unscrupulous hands. This information can be business files and forms, bank passwords and account n...
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Buying a new computer needs a thorough decision making in order to make the best value for your hard earned money. Shopping around is not enough, you need to consider a lot of factors when thinking of buying a laptop or a desktop. This article will give you some insights on what to consider when deciding to buy a new computer.
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Computers are beneficial to mankind in so many ways. However, steady and prolonged use can bring harm to one's health due to the radiation that computers emit. There are many ways on how to prevent computer radiation like using a radiation filter in front of the computer screen, eating foods rich in Vitamins A and C, getting rid of old computers and many more.
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Many of us know how to use computers but due to the ignorance of some, care must be taken to check the way they use computers. The problem that most people have is that they do not consider computer health problems due to inconsistencies in computer ergonomics. In this article, we take a look at how to solve health issues related to the use of computers.
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Prosoft Engineering is a company that produces data recovery and other utilities software for Windows and Mac. It has different partners all over America, Europe, Asia and Africa. They mainly produce and sell data rescue software but they offer numerous other products as well. Main Products Offered by Prosoft Engineering Data Genius 3 for Mac Data Rescue 3 for PC and Mac Klix for PC and Mac SoundBunny for Mac Hear for Mac and PC Data Backup 3 for Mac Media Tools Professional for PC ...
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I called the HP support. A friendly chick registered me and gave me a reference number. However, she wasn't the one who helps with printer issues; so she then put me through to "technical support". What a waste of time. The guy sounded a bit duh-ey. He'd ask me a question, I'd tell him the answer, then follows a long, long silence. Then he speaks again to ask some more simple questions.
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